Manufacturing Division and supply of products

Uzoba Engineering is a South African company manufacturing and supplying equipment mainly to the mining  industry. Our solutions have been developed to specifically address the individual needs of our clients.

Our manufacturing standards stand up to the most stringent demand and in so doing ensure that the final product meet the required certification standards. Uzoba is continually proving to be an industry leader for “Explosion Proof” panels and enclosures, as well as custom steel products. We adhere to industry standards as set out by various
SANS standards, and have accredited lab testing done to certify our products where applicable.

Explosion proof enclosure related services

Uzoba Engineering offers repairs, refurbishment and re-certification of all manufacturer’s damaged explosion proof enclosures.


We believe that our development of the “Mafuta” alternator have set the new standard in explosion proof alternators as it addresses all of the current limitations experienced by the mining industry for diesel operated machinery.
 High power output (750W) 12V and 24V
 High voltage supply even at low RPM’s
 Available for both fan driven and hydraulic driven drives

In addition, Uzoba Engineering can manufacture related equipment according to the customer’s specifications.

  • Customized products
  • R&D solutions
  • We offer our clients time-managed solutions


Our products on offer