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Uzoba Chemicals

Here For You

We are currently facing a world health emergency, one that calls for a rapid and effective response and the Uzoba team has answered that call. We have combined our skills and expertise to create offerings that protect your employees, customers, and their families.

Who We Are

Uzoba has its core roots in manufacturing but just as the world has had to change, we have too. Using our 20 years of experience and craftsmanship we have transitioned our offering into one that can best serve our customers during this global pandemic – focusing on keeping everyone safe. We aim to provide a turnkey solution that takes care of all your sanitization needs through certification, customization, and continuation.

What We Do

Faced with an infinite amount of resources, customers can often be overwhelmed by when sourcing the best sanitization products and services for them and this is where Uzoba comes in. We understand the value in being able to provide a comprehensive hygiene solution which reduces infection rates through a multitude of approaches. Through the use of our certified disinfectant and products such as our free-standing sanitizer dispensers or sanitization booths, you can be assured that the health and safety of your businesses will remain protected.

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